PRN Physical & Occupation Therapy 

For the past four years Karen and Chris have been caring for Loudonville’s residents, delivering state-of-the-art physical and occupational therapy services. Due to the unique set-up of being based in-house, residents can participate in services at their convenience and in their own home providing residents the opportunity for an improved quality of life and function.

“I am able to make multiple attempts to see a patient for maximum benefits of therapy services throughout the day as needed. If a patient is not feeling well in the morning and wishes for an afternoon session instead, I am typically able to accommodate their wishes due to a flexible schedule. I continue to focus on delivery of therapy services with quality treatment techniques, in addition to fun activities to obtain desired outcomes.” – Karen

Meet The Staff

Karen Curran – Karen has been working with seniors as a New York State licensed physical therapist for the past 24 years. Throughout her career she has worked in a variety of settings: rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, and in the home care environment with a focus on treating primarily geriatric patients with multiple medical complications and diagnosis.

Chris Fitzgerald – Christine has been an occupational therapist with PRN since 2014. She graduated from Utica College in 1988 with her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. Christine has a varied background in treatment settings but finds working with the geriatric population most satisfying. Among other things, her job is to increase upper body strength, increase static and dynamic standing balance, endurance and fine motor coordination. The results of improvement in these areas is to enhance self-care tasks, whether performed by the individual independently or with some level of assistance.