Person Centered Care Albany, NY

A Neighborhood of Care

By embracing our person-centered care philosophy, we are able to give every person the individual attention he or she desires. Our elegant residence is home to three distinct care centers- assisted living, enhanced assisted living, and memory care. These distinct centers enable us at Loudonville to provide residents with true person-centered care. Each center is staffed with professionals specifically trained to meet the needs of their center’s population. At Loudonville, we offer a variety of care options ranging from medication management to incontinence care and beyond.

Person-centered care at Loudonville means so much more than meeting each resident’s unique medical needs. Our person-centered care philosophy is just that-a philosophy of thought that is embraced by the professionals who work within Loudonville’s walls. Person-centered care is about taking the entire person into consideration when creating an individualized care plan to maximize that person’s overall well-being. We take a holistic approach, listening closely to our residents and families, their desires, values, social needs and lifestyle choices. At Loudonville, our residents and their families are at the center of decisions.

Person Centered Care, Albany, NY
Person Centered Care Loudonville, NY

Person Centered Care at Loudonville

  • Upon admission, residents in coordination with their families are asked to fill out a Life History Book

  • Staff works in conjunction with families to address resident needs and changes in condition
  • We offer integrated medical services, working closely with primary-care physicians, PT/OT, podiatry, psychiatric and psychologist services. All services which are provided on-site!
  • We have a robust resident counsel committee (link to newsletter featuring resident counsel presidents)